Skissedilla #194

by - 1/24/2013 08:36:00 AM

I got a huge painting mood since I've been following Creative Jump Start 2013.
My head is full of ideas and new techniques - hope even some of them jumps out there at the right time.
This weeks Skissedilla sketch is just amazing. Inspirational but simple.

It's a letter size layout.
Backround is so multilayered, that I don't even remember how many laeyers are there.
There's mists, there's paints, there's gesso. There's mists with stencils, paints with stencils, gesso with stencils. There's splashes with mists, splashes with paint...
Flower and leaves are cut with BigShot. There's also few pearls.
Once again I have to say: I miss light! I miss light and summer! Photographing is so damn difficult without a good studio lightening or sun. So, sorry about dark pictures.
Altouhgt, I like this layout very much. It's not my typical style, but those old passport pictures fits quite well there :)

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4 kommenttia

  1. vau mikä tausta! tykkään ihan hirmusesti!

  2. What a crazy cool background! Love this page!

    Thanks for playing along with us at Skissedilla:-)


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