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by - 6/25/2014 08:43:00 AM

Hi! Few days ago I showed you a layout I made for Challenge YOUrself - I was so inspired by the "oh boy!" theme, I did another one too. I actually started to do this page earlier, like couple moths ago, but yesterday I finished it. 

Heippa! Challenge YOUrself haasteen innoittama tein toisenkin sivun - itseasiassa tämän aloitin jo keväällä ja nyt viimeistelin sen. 

This layout turned to be a little too fresh and happy layout to it's topic, so I had to make something to balance that happiness - title is "What the hell!?" because this tells about our everyday life. And sometimes such a questions are asked in our everyday life. In the presence of children more nicely formatted, of course. Life is not a bed of roses and sometimes things actually s*cks, so I felt it's time to write a little something about that too.
All journaling is written to backside.
Today is a good day, though, just like most of the days are :)

Tämä sivu rakentui turhan raikkaaksi ja iloiseksi aiheeseen nähden, joten halusin tasapainottaa tuota onnellisuutta otsikollani. Sivu kertoo arjesta. Ja otsikon mukaisia lausahduksia aina joskus arkeen kuuluu. Lasten läsnäollessa kauniimmin muotoiltuna toki. Elämä kun ei aina ole ruusuilla tanssimista ja joskus asiat suoraan sanottuna k*see, joten halusin kirjoittaa jotain näistäkin asioista ylös.
Kaikki teksti löytyy sivun takapuolelta.
Tänään on hyvä päivä, kuten useimmat päivät onneksi ovatkin :)

Material list:
Heidi Swapp, Jillipean Soup, American Crafts, Rayher, Ikea, Color Conspiracy

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10 kommenttia

  1. An awesome and creative crop to your photo, Terhi! I love how you scrapped it - it shows so much emotion! Thank you again for joining us at Challenge YOUrself!!! WOOHOO!!!

  2. Terhi, you are wonderful! I love that you are so "real" and your layouts show that. Sometimes we get carried away and only show the "perfect" side of our lives and hide the daily struggles that we face. This will make us stronger right!? Thanks for sharing your story with us and playing along at Challenge YOUrself! xo

  3. Love this! Breathtaking layout!!! Great picture and love how you added the title to fit the oh boy theme!!! xo

  4. Oh well done Terhi! I love this one with it's beautiful colour palette and all those scrummy details. Thanks for playing along with us at CY again this month! P.S. I'm intrigued as to what on your page it from Ikea!!

  5. I really like what you did with the photo to give it dimension! And the simplicity of the layout is really classy. I love it!

  6. I finally found your blog Terhi!!!! I tried to visit it months ago, but couldn't get here for some reason!!!! Love this page!!! Hugs!!!

  7. Absolutely stunning - love the central aspect and all the details - Thanks for joining in at Challenge YOURself :)

  8. Terhi what can I say? really fantastic page loce the colors and that triangles in the back plus all the details.....you are fantastic

  9. I just LOVE your work! It is always so creative and fresh. You truly inspire me! Challenge Yourself misses you!

  10. I particularly love the transparent layers in this - beautiful! Thanks for playing along with Challenge YOUrself!


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