Top Ten 2014, part 1.

by - 12/22/2014 08:34:00 PM

Hi there! As the year is about to end, I want to sum up the year and make my own TOP10 list. Which were the best layouts, which were the best canvases, art journals, mini books etc. And one "bonus" list, too - stay tuned ;)
Today I'm focusing on my ten best scrapbook layouts of the year. I haven't counted how many pages I've done during the year, but on my Pinterest Layouts 2014-board is 134 layouts pinned. That's about 2,5 for one week. Is it much? How many have you done? Of course we have to add the number of my done, but not yet published layouts, too. Anyway, here we go!

Did you like them? Do you have some personal favorite? Or is there some certain layout why you started to follow my creations?

I see a lot of repetitive elements on those layouts. Tiny details, lots of drawing and thread. Yep, that's me :)

Thanks for dropping by here today, we'll see you soon!

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4 kommenttia

  1. love them all. Don't know how you choose they are all lovely.

  2. Fantastic work Terhi! Real signature style!!

  3. Your creations are all so lovely! It really is hard to pick a favorite!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Lynn xo

  4. Fabulous layouts Terhi! Each one is perfect!


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