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Hey there!

Nothing better than receiving a huge box from your favorite manufacturer, and you have no idea what's inside! I received a box like that, and from inside I found something really inspiring!

The kit includes everything you need to make pour art. Paints, covers, tools, everything. It was super easy to start working, as of course art like this needs some space and well prepared area.
My area was our kitchen table, and I almost wish there wasn't plastic covering it, the loose drops would have make a beautiful surface to our white table.

First I tried the techniques on small canvases. Once I felt I had it in my hands, I moved to bigger surfaces and used the three canvases from the kit. They are sized about 12" x 12". I also took the triangle canvases from my own stash and poured them too. This way I could make the kind of set of paintings I wished to have on our living room wall.
It's a shame that all we have here is dark and more dark, so photographing the whole wall isn't possible. Or yes, it is, but not on my standards. I want my photos to be clear and neat, this light makes it impossible.

The Color Pour Value Kit included just the right colors for me - or, for everyone! There was basic colors, and in addition some gold and silver. So if you take a close look, you'll see some shimmering silver on my paintings.
The paintings took about one night to dry well, then I just added them on our wall. Fabulous!
Here's one video from American Crafts, so you'll see everything included to the kit.

Hope you like them as much as I did!
And thank you so much for popping in today!

Terhi xx

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