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by - 11/18/2018 04:17:00 PM

Hello lovelies!

"Scrapbooking is like a therapy for me." - I quote myself couple years ago, and sooner than I thought that sentence turned out to be much more true than ever before! I have always thought making things with your own hands is really some kind of therapy, but not in the way it is now.
My long-waited, long dreamed and eagerly planned journey to Australia was a disappointment from the first day. The flights went good, the first night went ok, not as big jet lag as I thought would be, and then - chaos. 
46 hours from my arrival to Australia I was already sitting in a plane heading back home. That's three weeks smaller amount of time that was planned! I was so pissed off, so sad, so disappointed. But of course, mostly worried to get home to my family. To support and love my family as a Mother and a Wife.
All ok now. No one has died, all will be good. Just, takes time to heal. Takes time to process what's happened, why it happened now, and why I didn't have my dream as it was so close.. There must be a reason, just don't know it yet.

All that said, making pretty things using Hip Kit Club October 2018 kits, featuring a lot of Pink Paislee 'Whimsical' collection, is really therapeutic. Love to see those colors and patterns, and watch how they turn to a layout in my own hands.

Creating process recorded to a video this time. Take a look and enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by!

Terhi xx

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