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Hello all! Time after time people ask me how do I do it? How the hell I can manage to do my full-time job, my family, housework, horses...and of course including my crafts to my everyday life.

Well, the answer is that I don't include anything to my life, I live my life. I actually live every second of my life and lived days had taught me to say "no" to things I don't like to do.
Let me explain, or even better, let me show. This one of my basic days, last Friday. Please remember, this is just one day in my life - just a simple example how I organize my daily duties.

I woke up 5:30 am. Brushed my teeth, dressed up, brushed my hair and took coffee on the go. I took our dog outside and then I cycle to the train station, it's not a long way but it wakes me up and it's good and free exercise. And yes, that pink bike (below) is mine. Can't think any other color for my bike, and it has a place for my younger one to sit. Perfect!
Train to work takes about 20 minutes, those minutes are always either for sleeping or for social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Sometimes I write my blog posts during the journey or watch YouTube videos.

At work from 6:30 am to 2.30 pm:
I work full-time in engineering company called Sweco. I love my job! We have amazing group, lots of encouraging team spirit and I can learn new things every day. Today I got a chocolate box from a student - yummy!
I eat my breakfast and lunch while working - I use my lunch hour to my personal duties, such as DT commenting, picture editing, once I even edited a video.

Time to go home:
...and pick up my kids from the day care. Today my husband took them there in the morning, and I pick them up in the afternoon. This is how they stay only seven hours there and everyone's happy. Some days we do the opposite - I take them there, hubby picks them up.
In Finland we have good quality public day care, very inexpensive and it includes pre-school. Yes, we are blessed! My older one is now six, so she is in the pre-school now, here children starts they school at 7 years old. So next fall will include lots of new things in our life.
At home I make a dinner or warm up some left overs from yesterday. We usually do at least two days dinners at the same time so we don't have to use all our time in the kitchen. I'm lazy or very clever, you decide, but this works for us. We also do a menu for every week, I hate to think what to do for dinner so it's so much easier think it through once a week and the just read the menu.
Today we eat spagetti bolognese made by my lovely husband. While he is cooking, I'm upstairs doing my crafts. Now I have my December Daily on my worktable - it's going to be fabulous!
Usually after dinner I go to the stable with one or both daughters, sometimes alone and sometimes with the whole family, including our dog. If I'm not going to the stable I have more time to craft - daughters next to me. They talk, play, sing, draw, paint, yell and of course fight time after time, just like all children do. My husband can go to gym or then we do something with the whole family, ie. go outside, go to grocery store, meet friends or housework like laundry.
Today is for me: My new hairy friend called Lotte is having her first real training with me. Young horse specialist gave us a lesson. Lotte is six year old mare, I don't own her but I'm taking care of her for a while now. Our training went ok, despite the rain - note, bigger pic below is from last weekend - no sun today! At all!
A little detail of my time in the stables - we just got fresh carrots to horses, but guess who ate few?!

I'm home at 7pm. Journey from stable to home takes about seven minutes to drive, but omg there is so dark out there! See the picture above - I have long lights on and that's all I saw from drivers seat. Not that fancy...Real winter wonderland! Well, children went to sleep at 8pm. I can keep on crafting or I can reach my husband arm and go sit next to him to the sofa. This is the time we have a good time for conversations or planning next days. Sometimes this is the part I leave to take our dog outside again, sometimes hubby do it.
Today I just finish up some of my projects and plan what I'm going to do tomorrow. Later I took my journaling book and a pen. It's so relaxing to sit on the sofa and draw something.
After having evening snack I'm off to sauna and... good night.

Thank you for your interest - now, tell me how did you like it? Did you get your answers? If there is anything you are still wondering, just ask! I have nothing to hide LOL!

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  1. FASCINATING!!! I really love taking a peek into how other peeps live, manage their lives, especially on the other side of the world!! THANKS for sharing!!! Mind you, I don't think I could manage to be as organised as you - but then, I don't have to, I guess:)

  2. Wow! You are one busy lady! I guess we all are but you seem far more organised than me!


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