CSI 149: Not a perfect love.

by - 12/13/2014 08:00:00 AM

Hey! It's less than two weeks to Christmas! So cool! I can't wait to have a couple weeks of from work, mainly because it means two weeks in my craft room LOL!
But now it's Saturday and today it means a new case file with CSI (#149). This was fun case. Sketch included.
Evidence: hearts, stripes, mixed media background, string.
There was an option to journal with inspiration word "friendship". I thought to share a memory of friendship which did not last long.
Last fall my daughter wanted to ride this beautiful white pony, instead of the tiny Shetland pony she used to ride every week. Well, I warned her that this white pony is something totally different - fast and...well, very fast. Still she insist to try, wonder where she gets all her persistence. The riding started well. The pony did what was asked, and Maya stayed calm. But as soon as they started to run - oh, disaster. Of course I went to help her, and she did her best but that friendship was over. She didn't fell of or anything, but the pony was way too fast.
Maya was happy to ride Orange, that tiny Shetland pony the next week.
It's fun to documented real life. Not all things have to be golden happy memories in my scrapbook albums. Do you agree or do you want to forget all the bad choices and bad situations?

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day!

Materials used: PanPastel, American Crafts, Echo Park, Studio Calico, Ranger, Studio Tekturek.

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  1. Oh! I absolutely agree:) Which is the difficulty I have with Christmas, often. It's not always the happiest time - so I must admit I do tend to not document it too carefully.....but I wish I was braver so that I could! This is a good-bad story, though, if that makes sense. One of those learning stories, which is nice to read about! Loooove that colour palette & the different shapes under the papers. And of course, that lovely thread:):)

  2. Gorgeous page! Love the layering! Pinning!!


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