Top Ten 2014, part 3 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

by - 12/31/2014 01:49:00 PM

Hello lovelies!

I've showed you my favorite scrapbook layouts for 2014 (link) and also my favorite cards, altered items, canvases etc. (link), but now it's time for my last top ten list.
Besides scrapbooking and crafting, blogging and other social media is a very important part of my life, too. I really love to see what all you talented ladies (and gents!) do and I want to mention some blogs I really love. I've been so surprised and thankful of how many great friendships and liaisons this year have gave me! I'm so very grateful for my every design team, manufacturer, blogs and magazines who has mentioned me and my creations. So happy, so honored.

This "list" is all about my favorite blogs and co-crafters. Really hard to keep the limit in ten blogs - in my feedly list is over 200 blogs, each more interesting, unique and inspirational! And the list grows every day. These mentions are not in any specific order.

First I want to mention Finnish art journal specialist, called Anu-Riikka Lampinen. She is wonderful person, warm and friendly, but also so very, very talented lady to create art journal pages, cards and other crafts. She has unique and strong style - love to see her creations!

As some of you might remember my praise for 13@rts new collections last fall, the woman behind the company needs to have her place in this list. Aida Domisiewich is the owner of 13@rts, but also artist with a big A. Love her detailed, messy, mixed media style and I'd sell my soul to join her workshop one day.

Another lady, "white cardstock specialist" is Ali Parris, and she definitely will always be one of my scrapbook idols. Clean, white layouts makes me want to read old Scrap365 mags over and over again to see her work. But not only her work is special, she is too: So much to learn from her positive attitude of life!

Talking about idols and things I adore: use of patterned paper and the queen of that: Paige Evans. She can turn tiny paper pieces into a wonderful creation - I recommend to click to her blog, there is so much to learn from her.

Last lady from traditional paper crafters is Val Thorpe (link). She is one of the reasons I started to take part of CSI challenges, and one reason to continue designing for CSI. Gorgeous style and great person!

From clean and simple styles we can hop on to mixed media artists like Mona Pendleton (link). She is kind of new to me, but her work is breathtaking. As is Jacqueline Moore's, too! And Elena Morgun. And I can't fail to mention Limor Webber and her stunning gang. Yes, in near future I'm having my moment to shine there, too - it's a huge privilege and I feel like I'm stepping to too big boots :D

And back to my list. Another special one need to have her place in this post, Marie Johansson. I fell in love her style, but also to her lovely personality - she is so sweet, kind and adorable. I wish to meet her in person in the upcoming year! Maybe summary road trip Sweden, who knows!

...and of course I have to mention my sweethearts: Riikka Kovasin, Veera Saarivuo and Taru Jehkonen. Can't wait to see you all in few weeks! Lots of laughter, chatting, layouts, chocolate and tea ahead ;)

Now I'm off to prepare my New Year's Eve celebration - new *xxx* from *xxx* on my craft table. So it's me, glass of wine, good music and my craft room while my daughters are already sleeping! I can assure you, lots of fun things going on behind the scenes.

I hope your next year will be filled with lots of inspiration, crafty journeys, health and joy!

Sneak peek of one of my upcoming layouts.
Thank you for reading this far and thank you for visiting my blog! Tomorrow will be a great day revealing new challenges and maybe something else, too :)

Oh, and did you see this Creative Embellishments sale and giveaway?

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  1. Thank you for listing more blogs for me to pore over and admire. Have a great new year.

  2. you are so lovely warm person!! We see soon!

  3. Thank You Terhi for your kind words. <3 En osaa sitä englanniksi pukea, mutta olet itse vähintäänkin yhtä taitava ja inspiroiva. Kiitos.


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