December Daily 2014: leaf through + VIDEO

by - 1/26/2015 09:38:00 AM

Good Monday everyone! If I keep my fingers crossed for long enough, will someone sent me my own photo printer? Anyone? This is the part of the year I hate not owning my own printer, also one of the reasons I'm not doing project life album and prefer more traditional scrapbook layouts, as it's so hard to keep up to date on projects like these without a decent printer. Maybe before next December I already have my own. Fingers crossed, maybe I win the lottery.
Anyway, here is my December Daily 2014, now completely finished. Above is a video, too. I think it's nice to see mini albums on a video, you get so much better vision of the whole project. Hope you'll enjoy!

Have a happy week!

Materials used: 13@rts, Hip Kit Club, 3rd Eye.

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5 kommenttia

  1. Gorgeous!!! Love the acetate and the flip out photos :)

  2. Eikö olekin skräppäys välillä hankalaa ilman printteriä? :D Minäkin olen pärjännyt tähän asti suht hyvin ilman sitä, mutta aloitettuani Project Lifen olen vakavasti alkanut harkita printterin hankkimista... :)


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