Limor Webber Designs: 365 Reasons to be happy.

by - 1/12/2015 12:33:00 PM

Hello there! Have you seen Limor Webber's new stamps? I was lucky to got them all for my use, and I couldn't resist to test them right away. You can find some of her new stamps from Limor's Facebook page (link). The artist herself is now introducing her stamps in CHA. Talking about CHA, I really wish to get there next year, I'm getting sooo jealous watching others pics on my Instagram feed - lol!
Anyway, this is an art journal spread I made using gorgeous Lotus Flower stamp from Limor and some of her edge stamps. I'm totally and 100% in love with that flower - it's just so beautiful, either with colors or in black and white. 
My journal tells about a little jar I opened the 1st January: I decided to write a little note, one sentence or word, everyday about what makes me happy, to who am I thankful for or some other things like that. So that once I'm feeling sad, or life brings some shitty stuff in my face, I can pick up one paper piece and read it. Maybe that will help. Or after the year of 2015 I can read them all, and maybe do a little book or something. There can not be too much positivity in this world, right?

Thanks for stopping by today, and oh, did you see the Giveaway Winners, here?

Materials: Limor Webber Designs/IndikoBlu, 13@rts.

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  1. Gorgeous pages and Limor's new stamps are yummy, there are lots of the samples I made with them at the CHA, I'm soooooo excited. Would love to go there as well, maybe next year ;) xxx

  2. Beautiful pages Terhi!! I love Limor's stamps and you did an amazing job of showcasing them! I can't wait to get my hands on them too. Love what you did!


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