CSI 157: I love right now

by - 3/07/2015 08:38:00 PM

Hello! Firstly, CSI is having a DT call right now - go ahead and apply!
This layout is for CSI case file 157. We have sketch to inspire you, too. I took one half of the sketch and went with that, it turned out so fresh and simple.
The story behind the layout is about selfies. First I found them really annoying, seeing other people posing with "the duck face" on Instagram made me sick, but actually, I find them really cool now. Well, without the duck face, I prefer normal smile.
There was a time when I didn't took pictures about myself at all, I have tons of photos including my babies, my dog, my horses, even my hubby, but not me. Now I have, thanks to selfies :D 
Evidence: string, hearts, pen work.
Testimony: Selfie.

Have a great weekend and remember the DT call!

Materials used: American Crafts, 13@rts, PanPastel.

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  1. Upea, raikas leiska. Ja mitä mahtavaa kerroksellisuutta. Tykkään!

  2. Another fabulous page - love the photo and your amazing MM background!


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