CSI 158: Keep Calm

by - 3/14/2015 04:27:00 PM

Hey there! Today I'm sharing a story with a layout I made for CSI case file 158. Nothing devastating, but it always breaks my heart to see my child hurts. The picture is from last New Year's Eve. We got a lot of snow, which meant that we had to do a lot of snow clearing. Both of our daughters are eager to help with any chores, snow clearing is the third best after cooking and laundry. So, we all went outside to have fun with the snow. Everything went well at first, but soon Mea hurt herself with snow shovel. Usually she plays with her own child-sized snow shovel but now she wanted to try out the bigger one. Her forehead hit the steel edge of the shovel. 
The scar wasn't deep, and I think she was more scared than actually hurt, but oh how I hate see her in any pain. I raise my hat to all the parents who children are seriously ill, injured, or anything else. I can not imagine the pain you all are going through and how unbelievable strong you are, if I'm crying for a little scar here.
Anyway, now after two months, there is a little mark in her forehead but I think we can live with that! I wanted to do a page about this because it really explains her character quite well. She is active, very willful to try things, always playing something and oh my she is loud.. My tiny monkey.
Evidence: String, misting.
Testimony: Journal directly on your page.

Hope you having a safe weekend ;)

Materials used: American Crafts, 13@rts, 7 Dots Studio, Crate Paper.

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  1. Oh, I love this layout with a deeper meaning and so heartbreaking for a mum. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the comment in my blog (SATW).


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