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by - 4/12/2015 08:29:00 PM

Hello! Winter in Finland is extremely dark. If you live in Lapland, you actually have to live in the dark for few months, it's called the polar night - and I mean, no sun at all! Fortunately, I live in Southern Finland, and in the middle of the winter we can still see the sun for couple hours a day. Well, if there isn't snowing all the time. Anyway, the world looks like grey for the other half of the year, and that's why the little moments like the one in that picture really makes me happy.
We walking with my lovely hairy friend one morning, and suddenly we saw the sun! Oh how I love the rising sun! It was so bright, almost hurt my eyes, but I couldn't stop to looking at it as it was such an amazing thing to see it!
Life gets much easier towards the summer. It feels like the nature and all people starts to bloom while days gets longer and the weather is warmer and warmer. I. Can't. Wait. Summer!

But back to this layout. 13@rts is one of the major sponsors at Scrap Around the World, and today our lovely 13@rts team is showing some inspiration on SATW blog. We, of course, used the current moodboard as our inspiration. I was inspired by the lovely turquoise and green color scheme.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials used: 13@rts, Creative Embellishments, Hero Arts.

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