Artworkshop: Ops!

by - 4/27/2015 08:37:00 AM

Hello sweethearts! It's quite foggy Monday here, so I thought bright it up with a huge amount of blingbling! I'm not a big fan of thickers, as you may notice if you go though the layouts I've done so far. So when I got these big fat glittery thickers from ArtWorkshop I wasn't sure what to do with them.
But then I got an idea: If you can't hide it, show and highlight it! So I made a background full of shiny glittery numbers and continued the shiny feeling by adding title with the same thickers. It turned out so cool! 
The story behind the picture tell about our forest walk few weeks ago. Nature called out our little Mea, and as we didn't have any toilets around... Ops!

Have a shiny Monday, and thanks for stopping by!

Materials used: American Crafts, MAMBI, 13@rts. 

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  1. Ihana bling bling! <3
    Laitoin muuten blogiin nyt juttua sun askartelupirtin workshopista (kiitos vielä kerran ihanasta kurssista!) ja siellä on näkyvillä myös valmis leiska.


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