CSI 159: Together

by - 4/01/2015 01:56:00 PM

Hey! This is my layout to the newest CSI case file (159). I'm almost feeling guilty for not publishing it sooner, but you know, sometimes days goes faster than we expect.
My layout tells about the thing, a person, who makes me ME! I have never met anyone else with who I can be 100% me, not pretending anything else. And obviously I'm talking about my dear husband. The effect he makes happen in me is magnificent, and that feeling is something I love most about me, at least at the moment. If only I could keep this feeling another ten years - and even more.
Evidence: doodling, stamps, mixedmedia, love accents.
Testimony: Document things you love about you.

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Materials used: American Crafts, 13@rts, Creative Embellishments, Prima Marketing.

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