Workshop: Layers and details

by - 4/20/2015 08:45:00 PM

Hello all! I had so much fun during last weekend! I was teaching in Askartelupirtti, craft event in Finland, and oh how much I enjoyed it! Even though I can hardly walk at the moment because of my injured legs, I somehow managed to enjoy the weekend and teaching - thanks to painkillers!
I had two workshops, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.
The first one was a layout class. Above you can see pics of my sample layout. Lots of 13@rts goodies, mediums, delicious chippies from Creative Embellishments and background with PanPastels. I had 15 students, and it felt a lot considering the fact that this was my very first teaching experience ever! The class was success, students looked very satisfied and they either lied smoothly or really liked it a lot :D
Sunday class was about mixed media project, and I will tell you about it later.
Between the classes we had time to do some shopping and of course craft and chat with new and old friends. One thing I really enjoy this kind of events is that you can meet people face to face. Ladies who share the same state of mind.

I wish to see you all some day! ..and we actually have a chance if you like to come to Poland in June, there is a craft event for the whole weekend and I'm teaching there, too! Yey!

Once again, a big thank you for my students, for my friends, for the organizers and for all! We'll do it again next spring, right!?
Have a great week!

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