Hip Kit Club: Heat it up & light my fire!

by - 5/02/2015 08:00:00 AM

Hello! Last Wednesday was my day at Hip Kit Club blog, here. I shared two layout and a video, you'll find the other layout and the video from here.
This layout tells about me and my hubby's relationship even though there is only me in the picture. Lately I have written some extra long journalings to the backside of my layouts as I don't like how my handwriting looks on the page. Also, the journalings has been so long that the layout would not look like mine if I'd write onto the page.
So how does it tell about our relationship.. Well, as the title says - heat it up & light the fire - relationships need to be heated up every once in a while. No need to anything huge, just a un-expected hug, flower or fresh buns made with love will do the thing. 
A couple of weeks ago we were is a forest with our family and took some silly photos, this matched to the theme I wanted to document. Heat it up, right? 

Have a great day!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club April Main Kit, April Color Kit, April Project Life Kit, April Embellishment Kit, April Paper Kit, April Cardstock Kit.

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  1. I really love your scrap ! Your layouts are beautiful !


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