13arts: Neverending story {+VIDEO}

by - 6/29/2015 08:23:00 AM

Hello all! The other I post this layout on 13arts blog, here. I wanted to play with stencils, basic techniques but adding more layers - it was so much fun and I love the result, you should try too!
The photograph on the layout was taken last summer in eastern Finland. We found a beach which looked like endless and it was completely desert, no signs of people being there or anything. Just an empty beach with lots of stones and beautiful details. It reminded me about how life always continues. No matter what we are going through, no matter how hard life can be, it always continues. 
I can list this to one of the moments I felt very small. Maybe you know what I mean.

Recorded a video during the process, please enjoy! And thank you for coming here today, we'll see you soon again!

Materials used: 13arts
Magic Powder
Modelling paste
Chipboards - Starlight words
Pearl Mist - Violet
Pearl Mist - Black
Pearl Mist - Turquoise
Splash! Ink - White
Splash! Ink - Turquoise
Papers - Starlight
Papers - Mental Vacation
Papers - Color Basic
White cardboard
Beads - Colorful Dream
Stencil - Tattered Grid
Stencil - Stars
Stencil - Tattered Circles
Cardboard Glossy White
Metallic Paint - Violet

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