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by - 7/01/2015 07:00:00 AM

Without any doubts I can say one of my biggest stress relievers and mainstays in my life is my dear husband. He is silly, he has an amazing sense of humor. He is handsome, haven't seen any fireman or police officer more handsome than he is, no one could beat him with his sexy beard, tattoos, and bald head. He is strong, both physically and mentally. He is the best dad, our girls can never imagine to have better. He is clever, he always has a simple solution to everything. He cooks delicious food, which a funny thing nowadays, as he couldn't boil a water at the time we moved in together - wonder where he learned cooking ;) He can cheer me up and surprise me in the moments I could never expect him to do so. He is the best. He's my best friend.
But most importantly, I trusts me and loves me just the way I am, and I trust him and love him back from the bottom of my heart.

Too sugary? Can't help it, it's all true!

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Materials used: May Project Life Kit, May Cardstock Kit, May Color Kit, May Embellishment Kit, May Main Kit.

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