Hip Kit Club: Happy Memories {+VIDEO}

by - 7/09/2015 09:11:00 AM

Hello everyone! Have you seen a lot red on my layouts and other creations? Me neither. But June Hip Kits included some, and even though I had my doubts about the bright red it turned out amazing! Red is good! Red is beautiful and red is easy to combine with anything. Didn't know that until now.
Today I'm up on Hip Kit Club blog with two new layouts made with June Hip Kits, see the original post here. I'm posting this first layout here today, and details and story about the other will be here in just a few days.
This layout tells about my older one, Maya's, birthday party in early June. Her godmother came to do Maya's hair, she wanted to look beautiful during her party. She had a very clear image about how she wanted her hair to be. Curly on the back side and some hair lifted up from the front. She a girl, she is a princess ;) It's was absolutely unbelievable to see how long seven-year-old can sit still. Just because of her hair. Maya never sits still. Even during our dinner or breakfast she's always moving around on her chair. During her pre-school she had a special "active chair" so that she could move herself during the lessons without disturbing other kids. That same "active chair" follows her to her school now in August and I'm very glad about her teachers to understand her special need to move all the time. 
So that's why this scrapbook page is very unique and special, and that's why I named it a happy memories.
Being physically active doesn't make her any inferior, we all have our special features. But this kind of tiny deflection is something to capture, with a grin in the eye ;)

Have a happy day today and enjoy the video :)

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  1. Gorgeous layout! Love the colours...

  2. I love your layouts. I was wondering what kind of pen you are using to make the circles and doodles on your layouts. Your work is wonderful.


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