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by - 8/22/2015 05:00:00 PM

Hellohello! Create A Smile kind of a Saturday is here! Saturday Scrap Scenes with Terhi - series continues over at Create A Smile blog (here, link).
Today I'm there to share a story of Maya's new phone and how and why I created this layout. I'm still thrilled of the tiny magic hat she has on the picture. It's hilarious!
Maya turned seven early June and all spring long she wish to have her own phone. In Finland children starts their school the year they turn seven, and having phone in school is important - she walks her way to school by herself, and she comes to empty home after the school days. She needs to have a way to contact me and her father. Obviously these wasn't the reasons why she wished to had a phone, apps and games might have been the main one.
Anyway, she woke up in her birthday morning and got her long-waited present: Her own mobile phone with pink bling-bling covers!

Enjoy the video above, we'll see you soon!
Thank you for stopping by!

Materials used: Create A Smile, American Crafts, 13@rts, Echo Park.

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  1. What a pretty daughter you have. Love the hat too.


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