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by - 8/13/2015 07:00:00 AM

Good Morning! Here is a layout I made for Hip Kit Club (here, link) using gorgeous July Kits.
The picture is from last spring. Sun was shining and as I was home alone I thought to head to the stable to enjoy my afternoon coffee before riding. I sat in the farm with my dear friend, and oh how much fun it is just sit and enjoy horses company. Horse's are so much more than sporty animals, they are so clever and smart (well, there are a lot of differences between individuals...) and they really enjoy the people who loves them. They can sense if you are afraid, but they also sense if you are their leader and love them.
Definitely something to scrapbook!
I played with some mixed media on the background and there are lots of paper layers behind the picture. Whole creation process can be found from the video above, enjoy!

Thank you for coming in today!

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2 kommenttia

  1. Started my day with this coffee video =) Beautiful LO, bright and inspiring!

  2. Wonderful layout Terhi! I love your style!


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