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by - 8/04/2015 12:00:00 PM

Hey there everyone! I still have butterflies in my stomach while scrapbooking with Scrapberry's goodies. Ok, to be honest, those cute little butterflies are there every time I step down to my studio - that's why I can call this as a passion.
This layout is made for Scrapberry's blog, original post can be found from here. I challenged myself to use a photograph in skewed position. If you look all my layouts, every photo in them is straight. But I beat the challenge and I'm so proud, the layout looks good.
I made the background with Pan Pastels and black gesso, stencil work on top of another stencil work.
Fun and easy!

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials used: Scrapberry's, 13@rts, Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio.

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2 kommenttia

  1. this is stunning Terhi. My favourite colour purple. Gorgeous

  2. Love the diamond photo Terhi!! Stunning! x


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