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by - 8/19/2015 01:00:00 PM

Hello all! It's my day over at Scrapberry's blog (here, link)
I played with blue papers I found from Holiday Romance collection and created this layout of Maya's letter to Tooth Fairy. Maya lost her tooth during some plays in her daycare, and as she was playing outside she never found the tooth.
For her, that was a big grief as she still believes in Tooth Fairy story, and she was very concerned if the Fairy would show up as she didn't have the tooth anymore. Well, her nurses calmed her down and promised to testify if the Fairy asks about it (lol).
So she wrote a note for the Fairy and put it to the same place she used to put her teeth. 
Of course I had to took a photograph of this sweet note.
The Tooth Fairy came, and gave her a gift as always.
Precious thing to capture. Precious girl.

Thank you for coming here today!

Materials used: Scrapberry's, 13@rts, American Crafts.

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