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by - 8/10/2015 08:00:00 AM

Hi all! Last spring my dear Mother asked me to create something to capture pictures of all of her grandchildren to her living room wall. She knew that I never would gave her simple frames with a passport picture in it, and maybe that is also why she asked me to design her wall.
My parents, Mother and Father, are living in a small farm and their house is old country house, renovated to meet today's needs and the whole ambience in their farm is beautifully old, little rusty with lots of romantic details. Old school, with a modern twist.
They had old window frames left from the renovation they did, and you can guess the rest. Yes, I got a huge inspiration!
The whole project started from photographing. 
I pulled out my inner children photographer and took some shots of my children and my Sister's children. It's another story of how I managed to get them into the same photo smiling and staying still. Some candy and movie bribery might have been done...
Then when I received my first design team package from Artworkshop, filled with American Crafts Shimelle collection papers, I got idea of the color scheme. Using black&white photos were a must, as the whole frame needed to be harmony but still funny and cute.
I made three layouts, two of them have already been blogged here (link) and here (link) and both includes process videos (link). I will show details of the third one later this week.
The window frames are a bit bigger than 12" scrapbook paper, so I asked my Mother would she prefer gray or light pink background. She took light pink even though I kind of regret asking - it's so girly now. To make the master piece fit better to their house, we added some laces around the layouts - my style of scrapbooking is so clear, neat and modern that I'm happy that we use the lace. This project for my parent's house, not for my home - that's what I repeated to myself all the time.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing another window for my own home. With more whiter frames, with more grayer background. But oh how I loved doing this! And means so much that my dear Mother appreciates my crafts this much, it makes me humble.

Thank you so much for coming in today - really appreciate it!
And huge thank you for my Mother and my Aunt to helping me photographing this huge frame - wasn't that easy ;)

Materials used: American Crafts, 13@rts, MAMBI.

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  1. So interesting idea with the window frame! It looks gorgeous! In general love all you projects =) And thank you for making so many video tutorials! =)

  2. What a great project...Love how the scrapbook pages transformed into a wall decor...the Vintage window looks awesome as Frames...


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