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by - 9/04/2015 06:12:00 PM

Thank God It's Friday! And hello! Today was a very special day for my hairy friend Lotte, she visited to the doctor and our whole day went there taking some x-rays, watching her moves, talking with veterinarian and giving her some medicines. She and her herd took off last month, escaped from their field and Lotte fell down quite bad. Fortunately she is doing ok and will fine soon.
So it was a good day to post this layout to Scrapberry's blog, here (link). I snapped this pic last summer, that is Lotte's big brown eye and I think you can really she through her. She is kind and nice, loves people and she so beautiful.
There is little part of her tail behind the picture, it's always nice to add some memorabilia or use nature as a part of your scrapbook layout. And both the tail and the picture goes so smoothly together with Antique Shop collection from Scrapberry's.

Hope you liked this one! Oh, and notice something unusual - there is my handwriting ON the page. Haven't seen that for a while!

Thank you for stopping by, we'll see you tomorrow with a new video!

Materials used: Scrapberry's, 13@rts.

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