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by - 10/22/2015 07:00:00 PM

Hi all! I hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday, mine is definitely good while sitting on a plane and flying to Poland teach a workshop! So cool!
Here is a layout made with Hip Kit Club September Kits, which I really enjoyed. Not only the awesome and rich color scheme, but also how versatile the kit was. I picked all animal objects to this layout, zebra and giraffe, also the big blue piece of paper reminded me about leopard's fur.
My daughter is Animal Lover, with capital A. She loves our dog and horses but she also loves all animal - and she behaves perfectly around them. No screaming or yelling, no running or jumping while being with animal. She acts calmly, takes care of them, watch them and enjoy the moment. So much to learn from her!

I recorded a video while creating this, I hope you'll enjoy it.
Thank you so much for coming here today!

Materials used: September Main Kit, Embellishment Kit, Patterned Paper Kit,Cardstock Kit, September Patterned Paper Kit

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  1. Love these kits. Would love to get some but with our post office it is just not viable. THey are always on strike and we never get our parcels :( beautiful layout though and I love the colours. Great way to use a BIG animal. <3


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