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Good new week for all! Last Saturday, well actually early Sunday morning, I was up on Create A Smile blog sharing another stamped layout, here (link).
This layout tells a story about wearing exactly same kind of shell suits. It has been a joke between me and my husband. We have always laughed for couples jogging and wearing some looking suits, and still we found each other going to fish and wearing those exactly same looking blue shell suits! Oh my, I have never ever laughed so much! I can't even describe the details about what is actually so fun about it, maybe it just looks so dumb, or embarrassing, or then it just reminds us about being long married couple and we still feel ourselves very young.
If you wonder why we had the same suits, it's because my parents has ones. And we were spending weekend at their place. Not having our own warm and waterproof suits with us. So, you can guess the rest. 
I deeply believe, even though the moment was hilarious, we will not buy same looking suits for ourselves, but it was to have them for a while. Kind of the moment to look into your future, how it could be. And in this story, in our minds, it's all about how it should NOT be.
But it was fun.

If you missed my Countdown To Christmas post yesterday, read it here (link) - I bet you don't mind about any little giveaways?

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the video!

Materials used: Create A Smile, 13arts, American Crafts, Scrapberry's

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  1. Gorgeous page. I love those colours together - this made me laugh because we also laugh at other couples when they dress the same. I think it is because you have been together so long that you could laugh so hard at it. :D

  2. Terhi - beautiful page, design, papers and colors - and a beautiful photo!


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