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by - 11/23/2015 08:00:00 AM

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I was going through older project pictures and found this layout - unpublished. It's made with Hip Kit Club September Kits and I even have a process video.
In the picture is my younger one, Mea, sitting on a stone on a beach - just like Ariel, the little mermaid. Looking pretty, looking like happy child, as she was - she is!
Saturday was the first snow day for this year here in the area I'm living, so this is really good therapy for me. Not that I wouldn't like snow, but the coldness and darkness makes me really missing summer. The days on the beach, sun, light, warm. Oh my, if I would be rich, I'd definitely move to somewhere warm to stay for the winter. Off to do the lottery ticket, haha.

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy the video!

Have a great week!

Materials: Hip Kit Club September Main Kit, Embellishment Kit, Patterned Paper Kit, Cardstock Kit, Color Kit

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