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Hello! Last weekend was - well, one of the best of all times. I had a huge privilege to be one of the teachers during Mixed Media pARTy. The event was from Friday to Sunday 23th - 25th October 2015 in Poland, near to Wroclaw in Agropadja. Here's the link for 13arts blog to read more about it if you're interested.
I'm having some difficulties to find words to describe my feelings and thoughts about the weekend. I could write a lot of basis, what we did and what we ate, how we slept (or at all..) and how many glasses of wine I drank - but instead I want to say how I'm thankful and grateful, obviously, and feeling very blessed and honored. Part of me is thinking that this was it, this was my moment to shine and my moment to travel to unknown country and see not only the country but also the beautiful and inspiring people there. The other part feels that this was the start for my great journey, that this was the first part of bigger plan. 
I will accept it both ways, but of course I hope I can spread my message of scrapbooking happiness all over the world one day - in my way.
This weekend opened my eyes. I learned a lot during Aida's, Olga's and Anna's classes and it was great to see three different ways to teach - and learn how they do their magic. The weekend confirmed that if I could, I would love to take a class from every single scrapbooker this world has. We all have so unique style, to play with colors, textures, patterns, papers, embellishments...
I could ask why now, why this weekend, why and what things there made me feel this, but to be honest the greatest lesson I learned is that I can believe in myself. I can do it. I can go, I can enjoy, I can teach (even in English!), and I can be the way I am. Nothing less or nothing more.
See my happy face here? I hope you do.

Thank you all. 
Thank you for joining, for reading, for having fun and teaching me, and learning from me. Thank you for believing in me. I hope we meet again with my new Polish friends. And I hope I will meet all the scrappy people in this world. Class by class, day by day, year by year, somehow and someday.

So I mean it. Thank you.

Terhi xx

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  1. Oh wow so beautiful words. So wise and inspiring. As you are. You are amazing person and artist and friend and I wish you can make all your dreams come true as you deserve it. ❤ thank you for being here with. It was unforgettable time for me too 😊

  2. I´m almost crying, when I readt this. We have so wonderful weekend. Thank you all, my finnish and my new polish friend. You all are so great.

  3. Someday, I think I wants to participate!


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