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by - 1/07/2016 03:00:00 PM

Happy happy Thursday for each and everyone there! Today I'm showing you a layout made with Hip Kit Club December Kits, Shimmerz paints inside the December Color Kit inspired me to do a turquoise and pink layout. Oh boy that combo works well together!
In the picture is, again, my little smiley face, my dear daughter. It's unbelievable how differently my daughters acts in front of cameras. Older is usually hiding and making funny faces, this younger poses in perfect positions and gives real smiles. In this specific photo the story went like this: I was sitting on a the ground, enjoying sunshine and kids were playing. Mea, the younger one, ran by and asked her to stop and smile for the camera. Mommy will take one shot, I asked. She stopped and took that beautiful grin, stood still as long as I set the lightning and that was it. One shot! That shot! One shot was enough! I did thank her, very very much.
And of course I couldn't let the moment go, so asked Maya to come for the picture as well. I waited. Asked again, Waited. Yelled. Waited. Waited more. And that's when I thought not to tease either myself or my dear daughter more, and went inside to have some coffee. Lol!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the video!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club December Main Kit, December Color Kit, December Embellishment Kit, December Paper Kit, December Cardstock Kit, December Project Life Kit

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2 kommenttia

  1. Terhi,
    A very beautiful page, love the colors and design and your daughter is adorable.

  2. So pretty. She is like her mummy.


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