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by - 1/28/2016 03:00:00 PM

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! To be honest with all of you, I never ever thought I'd love a layout which includes any red. Or orange. Still, this must be the best layout for this year (lol, not that bad achievement), or maybe even one of the best layouts ever. Definitely going to hang on my scraproom wall!
It all started with delicious My Mind's Eye products in January Hip Kits. I was so afraid how many different colors it included, but again Hip Kit Club made a good job and all the colors matched together - that makes the difference.
So I grabbed my photo box and found this picture of me and Lotte (the horse). This is one of my favorite photos ever, as it tells me so many things. How we trust each other, how she was so small, how she smells, how she feels, and again the thing about trust. Actually, I could have name this layout with title "trust", but the word "love" was already there in the chipboard stickers with the perfect colors.

Again the whole creation process can be watched from the video I recorded, lots of clustered embellishments and gold details there.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your day!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club January Kits, January Embellishment Kit, January Color Kit,January Project Life Kit, January Paper Kit, January Cardstock Kit

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