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by - 2/20/2016 10:00:00 AM

Hi there! Thanks to my dear friend Elina I finally have my own cutting tool, the original Big Shot. She got a bigger one for herself, so I raised my hand and bought the smaller one. The same week Tricksart sent me some gorgeous leave dies - that's why this layout is dedicated to floral theme.
The picture is from last fall. I was doing my crafts in my studio, when hubby came in and gave me flowers! He had a lovely and very thoughtful idea of giving me green plant instead of roses or tulips (which are my favorite!), so he wouldn't have to give me flowers that often. Well, it's about three months now from the day I took the picture, and that sweet little plant has been dead for two months already.. Not that good gardener.
So the layout is all about pastel colors and leaves. I recorded a video so you can see how I created the piece. Lots of paints and papers, as always.

Thanks for stopping by here and Tricksart blog, enjoy the video!

Materials: Tricksart, 13arts

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  1. Beautiful page and design, Terhi. The colors you chose are lovely and remind me of Spring. And, your video was awesome.


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