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by - 3/31/2016 12:19:00 PM

Hi! Makes me so happy to see this photograph over and over again. Myy is so sweet, precious, and pretty darn cute! And the sweetness continues all over the page with February Hip Kits. This is my last layout with February kits, finally the Finnish custom found my package full of March Hip Kits and yesterday it arrived to my home safe and sound. 
Talking about Hip Kit Club, tomorrow we'll see who made it to the new Design Team! For me designing for Hip Kit Club has been a dream come true and it has gave me so many new friends, new experiences and of course new goodies to play with. Each month we have one Christmas Eve, haha!
So make sure to stop by tomorrow in any of Hip Kit Club social media channels, so exciting to reveal who are in! Especially the Facebook Member Forum in quite busy at the moment.

But back to scrapbooking. See anything weird on the page? I do! Or actually I don't see, and that's the thing. The only mixed media on the page is couple of mist drops here and there, and I personally don't call that mixed media at all. It was a great pleasure to work with paper and embellishments, only paper and embellishments. 
We'll see what I manage to do next week. At least the March Color Kit was full of Shimmerz watercolors and I believe I can not resist using them. A lot.

Now it's time for you to enjoy the video above, and I kindly say thank you for stopping by!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club February Main Kit, February Color Kit, February Embellishment Kit, February Paper Kit, February Cardstock Kit, February Project Life Kit

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  1. Hei,Terhi! Juttelit tuolla videolla että voisit pitää sellaisen valokuvaus-tutoriaalin. Se olisi kyllä tosi kiva, olen vasta aloittanut skräppäyksen ja omat kuvat ei kyllä aina ole kovin onnistuneita. Kiitos näistä ihanista videoista, kiva katsoa aina miten se sivu rakentuu.

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