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by - 3/01/2016 06:00:00 PM

Happy Tuesday and happy Spring! For me, the beginning of March means spring even though it is just as cold as it was yesterday. But the official calendar says it's spring so it really needs to be spring, right!? At least we had sun today, that's amazing!
TricksArt March challenge is all about spring. You can create what ever you wish as long as it has something to do with the theme. And win some prizes, TricksArt prizes, so i mean delicious prizes.
My layout has the spring theme in its colors, but also in the photograph. For you it might just be a photo of me with a dog, but for me it is a start of something new, just as spring is a start of a new.
I will tell you more about this cute little puppy next Thursday. Right now I'm trying to focus on taking her out, not doing her needs to our living room carpet. And smelling her baby smell, and playing with her. And, and, and. I know, I'm so excited about this little one. Stay tuned ;)

Thank you for popping in!

Materials used: TricksArt, 13arts.

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