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by - 4/15/2016 01:11:00 PM

Hey there and happy Friday! So relaxing to have a moment to write this post. Both of my daughters are having stomach flu, one healthier than other now, but still sick and past few days has been exhausting.
This is a wooden box I altered for 13arts, it's blogged here
I found the scissors from my husband's Grandmother's childhood home, and decided to give them a new life. Scissors are so beautiful! And now that I added a fresh color with blues and greens, they look even better. And match nicely to my studio.

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4 kommenttia

  1. Тери, ну какую же ты красоту сделала! Очень нравится!

  2. Aivan ihana ja ihanan värinen. Olen eka kertaa sun blogissa ja liityin lukijaksikin. Ois niin kiva jos haluaisit tulla vasta vierailulle Aurinkokujallekkin + osallistu arvontaan.

  3. Terhi - such a very pretty project!

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