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by - 4/25/2016 02:14:00 PM

Hello there! Today I'm sharing this airy layout over at 13arts blog, here. For me 13arts presents the best medium manufacturer in the world, it's the place with the perfect mists and a place with best quality gesoos and other mediums - but it is also place of beautiful papers. So I decided to dedicate this layout for new paper designed by my dear friends Aida and Olga. I took their names to the layout too from stickers sheets, and as Marta's name wasn't there, i had to write it down my hand. Not that pretty as the stickers' font, but it will do.

So looking forward next month to see these three darlings again in Poland!

Hope you enjoy the video!
Thanks for stopping by!

Materials used:
Gel Medium
Clear Gesso
White Cardboard
Papers - Out of the Blue
Metal Embellishments
Stencil - Birds
Splash! INK - Green
Papers - Secret Letters
Gesso Clear
SPLASH! Pink Glitter
Openwork Tablecloth

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3 kommenttia

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