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by - 4/18/2016 02:11:00 PM

Hey and happy Monday. Even though it is Monday and it rains a lot here, I'm feeling happy. Some time ago I read that happiness in a state of mind, it's something you choose to be, not something that comes because of what happens in life.
It is not easy to decide, but I get the point and doing my best to be happy. To feel the happy things around me. And when I reach the feeling, it's the best!

Even in the hardest decisions can make you feel happy, and that is why I chose to make the most cheerful and happy page as my last scrapbook page for Create A Smile. Leaving our little Create A Smile family was hard, I really enjoyed my time there and you know how much I have love creating with CAS products. But to get something, you need to give something. This time I wanted to have some time, and in order to have that extra time, I needed to give away my place over at CAS design team. This is a good place to mention that I always work in advance - so this decision was made months ago and I already have enjoyed my extra time - working in my day time job even more! 
I started in a new job in the beginning of February, and the start have been quite rushy but calming down already, so the extra time has been what I needed.
Funny thing is that I already miss more scrapbooking, and fortunately I have my worktable home and can spend nights scrapping just for me. And it feels so good and healthy!

Anyway, Create A Smile has released their new goodies, and I used the new stamp set called "Aloha Spirit" to create this cheery layout. I hope you like it, and don't forget to spy all other April arrivals from Create A Smile blog!

Thanks for stopping by!

Materials used: Create A Smile, 13arts, DCWV, American Crafts

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