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by - 4/05/2016 10:37:00 AM

Hello! Giving any presents for your adult friends can be tricky. We all have so much material in our houses, no need for new household items and I always avoid giving something useless. Present cards for hairdresser or theater could be fun, but then comes the financial issue. So, why not to give your artwork. It is special, and make especially for the receiver.
One of my dearest friends just had her birthday, and I gave her a self-made lanyard - in a box I made myself! Isn't it nice, and kind of highlights the present - and actually the box is part of the present and could be used again. It looks nice in a shelf too.
DCWV send me their new DIY Stack: Paint&Create - Heart of Gold, and this project is completed with it (expect the bloom). There was the watercolors included, so all I needed was glue and water. Super easy way to get creative.
This box was revealed over at DCWV Instagram - here.

Hope you liked this one!

Materials used: DCWV

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