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Hello everyone and Happy Midsummer for all who celebrates it today!

This is a perfect summer layout to be shared in Midsummer, it's just as bright and sunny what we have here in Finland right now. Nights are full of light and there's no darkness around here, which is kind of funny, and I'm really enjoying it so much. And trying to suck all the energy from the sun, just to make sure I'd have some left during the next winter. As if, but hey, I'm trying! If only I could but some light in a big jar, and then drink it when I'm tired.

The picture in this layout is one of the perfect snapshots I always take during everyday life. Just one click here, and another there. Some are good, and some are not. We were leaving from the stable to home, and as the apple trees were blooming I asked Mea to smile for me with one bloom. She did, even without funny faces. Just one click and that's it. And we even had a photobomber in the pic, lol! Now I really need mention that usually this kind of photos are not a huge success, but if one from twenty others is as good as this, I'm willing to keep on trying. You never know how kids will act when asking them to be still and watch the camera.

And just as the pic was good, so was the color scheme in May Hip Kits! I picked up the most beautiful and most matching papers and created a  nice paper cluster around the pic. All the phases of creating the layout can be found from a video above, so enjoy watching!

Thank you for coming here today!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club May 2016 Main KitMay 2016 Embellishment KitMay 2016 Color KitMay 2016 Project Life KitMay 2016 Paper Kit, May 2016 Cardstock Kit

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