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by - 7/31/2016 12:00:00 PM


Lately all I've done has been simple papercraft creation with a really small amount of any mixed media, so having a full size inspiration to create a canvas felt quite happy and expected. But also really hard! The touch of wet gesso in my hands didn't feel the same so I needed really work with getting my mood "on".

Last visit to Poland was still on my mind, so the barbie workshop with Olga inspired me to take all broken barbies from my daughters and cut their heads off. And cut the heads in half. And glue them on to canvas.
And the rest is all coloring, experimenting new 13arts products like Shiny Powders.
So fun!

Thanks for popping in!

Materials used: 13arts

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  1. Tämä on kyllä niin makee juttu! Pakko tehdä jotain tällaista itsekin!


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