13arts | Creative Journey, part 1

by - 9/22/2016 08:39:00 AM

Hello there!

Sorry about this big number of photographs, but at least I have a good reason for it. Creative Journey - Matka Luovuuteen event was in Finland last weekend, and oh boy it was something!
Here are three projects I made during the first three classes, and the fourth, my favorite will be posted separately, just because it was so cool! If you want to see it now, see my blog post over at 13arts blog, here.

I was one of the organizers for the event, and that's why I had the change to join all the classes. I made the doll before, as well as the notebook cover too, but still it was fun and I learn made new ways to use familiar 13arts products. Big thank you for Aida and Olga for coming to Finland!
Hope you like the projects. They are not my style, not what I'm used to do, but creating was really wonderful.

Thank you for stopping by today, see you soon!

Materials used: 13arts

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