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by - 9/10/2016 12:00:00 PM

Hi there!

I can't find any words to describe the feeling of free fall. The moment you jump out of airoplane, in the height of over 4000 metres. It's all just so unbelievable.
The closest I can take you is to show the video which was recorded during my jump. It there above this text. But that, or any of my explonations does not give you idea of how amazing it was.
If having 30th birthday gives you this kind of new adventures, I'd like to have my birthday much more often.

The layout was made for 13arts blog (here, link), and to be exact, it's for CSI: Colors, Stories, Inspiration challenge nr. 161, as 13arts is sponsoring CSI this month. How cool is that! 
The sketch is used, as well as all the color from the color scheme. For evidence I chose solid background, text, string and chipboards. And for testimony, as the title says, I just want to FLY all day. These cases are so much fun, join CSI here!

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials used: 13arts

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  1. Omg, what an awsome experience! I would never dare to do that;-)
    Love your layout toπŸ˜„ a great memorie😊


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