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by - 1/10/2017 05:25:00 PM

Hey there!

I'm up on 13arts blog, here with a layout made about my girls. Again, as I went through the layouts done last months, they all are about our dogs or girls! No wonder why. But things are about change a bit, we'll travel to Spain next month so lots of photographing ahead! It's so dark here in Finland so all the photos I've taking is from inside our house or then the pics are really dark. So glad to go somewhere sunnier!
Although, we're heading to lighter times in Finland too, yey! Spring is getting closer. And as soon as we have snow, and not too cold weather, some winter pics are coming too.

This photo on the layout is from one of our family photoshooting. Sometimes Mommys bright happy daughters sits on the floor and cry! Lol, that's life isn't it!

Thanks for stopping by!


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