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Time to dig in to February Hip Kits!
After my knee surgery I haven't been able to move a lot. From bedroom to living room, and that's just about it. I can manage the fact I'm not able to go for a walk, or climb upstairs to do laundry, or even cook, but being away from my scrapbooks sounds way too bad! 
So I kindly asked my husband to bring my Hip Kits and basic craft tools for me here to our lovely sofa. He did just as asked and finally I had a chance to do some crafting. Much better painkiller than any drug! It takes much more energy to scrap while laying down, I'm used to all my crafts by standing, so this position feels very tricky, and we don't have a coffe table to put the supplies on. So it's all on my lap or next to me. So are the dogs as well, so you can do the math :D. And usually it takes about 30 minutes to finish a layout, but this one took the whole day!
But I made it! 
Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce my very first scrapbook layout with February 2017 Hip Kits - It's a privilege to be your Mother!

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