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by - 5/23/2017 06:00:00 AM


It's been three years since I took this photograph but it is still one of my favs. Both of my girls are looking so happy, and why not, it was a wonderful sunny summer day and we had a picnic in a beach together with our friends. Only bad thing during that day was that once we had set up our picnic, we got attack by hundreds of bees! The bees wanted to have our snack so we had to pack everything again and move away. 
We went back to our friends house and had great meal there. And enjoyed the swimming without a picnic. Perfect anyway!

The layout is made with Hip Kit Club April kits, video above, enjoy!
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Materials used: Hip Kit Club April 2017 kits

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  1. Ihana sivu ja video <3. Tykkään myös tästä blogin ilmavan kauniista ulkoasusta. Sopii täydellisesti sun upeaan tyyliin!


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