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by - 7/20/2017 06:30:00 AM


Hey there!

Year has soon passed with Kaisercraft and I have to say I have enjoyed every single minute. If I could have, I would have applied to continue but right now my time goes to somewhere else.
This layout was the last personal post from me over at the Kaisercraft blog. I will share my group post layout and "the best of" Kaisercraft layouts in near futute. And who knows what the future 
brings, maybe we will work together Kaisercraft in someway different ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Kaisercraft materials: Lilac Whisper P2343 Hudrangea | P2344 Mauve | P2349 Jade | SS342 Sticker Sheet | CT885 Collectables | KM117 Kaiser Mist Apple | KM112 Kaiser Mist Grey

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