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by - 8/07/2017 07:57:00 PM

Hi there!

Last one, but not the least with June Hip Kits. I have to say I absolutely adore the Bella BLVD products in the June kits, and July kits didn't make it any easier - so much beauty inside the package I received.

Can't wait to show it all!
In the mean time, I'm hoping everything goes well with my baby starting school in few days. Exciting times! And obviously the layout tells about it. She is a bit shy and needs time for each new situation, but she can do it, I know she can. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Materials used: Hip Kit Club June 2017 Main Kit, June 2017 Color Kit, June 2017 Embellishment Kit, June 2017 Paper Kit, June 2017 Cardstock Kit, June 2017 Project Life Kit

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