Australia, I'm coming!

by - 10/16/2017 09:48:00 AM

Once upon a time there was a small girl dreaming of a journey of her lifetime. She was eight years old, and her Granny made a promise to take her to some southern country to enjoy the sun and to see the world.
The little girl asked her Granny to take her to Australia, as she had heard there’s sun, exotic animals like kangaroos and it was so far away, opposite side of the world! Something else than snow and cold. But traveling so far would cost so much, and back then it would have taken two days to make it there, so Granny said immediately no. They went to Tenerife, where the same sun was shining, but not in the same way. 
Years later, the little girl was a teenager and started studying technics. During the first day of her studies, her teachers showed the blueprints of Sydney’s Opera House. It was very impressive, and again the little girl burned of desire to travel there one day. During the studies the blueprints turned into 3D model, and the little girl could dive in to the Opera House from her chair. She gazed the screen, couldn’t stop exploring every inch and detail of this magical house and the city and the sea around it, on the other side of the world.
Again, her dream has to be just a dream. As a student she didn’t have anything but her dreams. Finland isn’t the best place for studying, and saving money at the same time. 
Then, life happened. She met her future husband. Fell in love. Got happily pregnant, twice. The little girl grew up to an adult, a Mother and a Wife. But the dream was always in her heart.
Few years after she gave birth to her precious girls, she found a new hobby for herself. Scrapbooking.
The grown up girl never thought her crafts would give her anything, but somehow she got it! She loved it, and slowly a harmless hobby turned into a passion. Her passion was so strong she wanted to start spreading it around, for her friends, for her family, for the community she found from social media, and got tons of supporting feedback from other crafters. It was a life changing thing. The little girl started to believe she can finally do something meaningful. 
Years rolled forward, she took her photographs, scrapbooked them. She searched new techniques, new manufacturers, and got opportunities to teach her passion to others.
She traveled around Finland to spread the word. She traveled through Europe spreading the world. She got even to Paris to spread her word, and thought this is it. 
But one day, when she was ill, suffering her broken leg and feeling the life has now given everything to her, her email peeped.
Her dream send her an email. Australia send her an email. Sydney send her an email.
Without hesitating at all, she replied ‘yes’.

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