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by - 12/30/2018 10:21:00 AM


I don't want to sound whiny, but even though the Holiday Season is over I'm desperate to have a vacation. If you have followed me at Instagram (@terhi_koskinen) you probably know the last fall have been quite challenging in our family.
Without going into details we are now living in small rental apartment to be away from mold damaged home. Before that my Australian journey stopped to 46 hours. And our last vacation week was two years ago, and it went bad as we suffered of stomach bug for the whole week! All kind of small or big issues has been in our way.
So: I want vacation!

That's why I created super colorful, fun and cheery scrapbook page telling a story from our last holiday. Beach, sand, sun. That's all I ask!
And it's magical how much the creating process helped my need for sun and vacation. Felt much calmer afterwards.
Of course, the fact that I'm off to Canary Island in two weeks helps too ;)
Just a small getaway with family. I know it's not hot there, but hope see even one sunny day and hopefully not any stomach bugs.

Simple dreams!

Terhi xx

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